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Garcia, Sarina

Sarina Garcia ’20

Computer Science
Student Government Association

“I hope my legacy at TAMU-CC embodies the statement from the Islander Pledge regarding [having] pride in my university and its traditions. I would love to be remembered for my work with the Bluesday Tuesday campaign and other initiatives through the Student Government Association.”

Hightower, Madison

Madison Hightower ’20

Animal Biology
Student Volunteer Connection

“I hope that my legacy here at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi will be that I am a woman of service and passion for everything I do.”

Mitchell, Kelsey

Kelsey Mitchell ’20

Delta Delta Delta

“I hope that my TAMU-CC legacy will be one that includes positive change, care for others, and inclusion for all students!”

Redman, Autumn

Autumn Redmon ’21

Biomedical Science
University Center Programs

“My legacy here at TAMU-CC would be having the ability to push a society to not just seeing the color of an individual’s skin but, to truly see the diverse, successful, and accomplished leader they have become.”

Stocker, Erin

Erin Stocker ’21

Biomedical Sciences
Campus Activities Board

Some of my best memories have been at this university, so my legacy is to pay it forward and help others experience the amazing things that TAMU-CC has to offer as well as promote a sense of community at TAMU-CC.”


Jorgensen, Kirk

Kirk Jorgensen ’22

Business Management
Student Government Association

“My legacy will be one of service, leadership, and innovation to advance our Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.”

Reyes, Manuel

Manuel Reyes ’20

Business Management
Student Volunteer Connection

“Each day is a new opportunity to make an impact in the lives of those around us.”

Sorrels, Trevor

Trevor Sorrels ’20

Biomedical Sciences
Phi Delta Theta

“I would like my legacy at TAMU-CC to be that I positively impacted people’s lives and helped them become who they are today.”

Tkachuk, Maksym

Maksym Tkachuk ’20

Electrical Engineering
Alpha Sigma Phi

“I would love to see my fellow Islanders promote values of Leadership, Spirit, and Diversity the way I did whenever I was a student.”

Worsham, Jacob

Jacob Worsham ’21

Sigma Phi Epsilon

“I would have to say my definite answer on what I want my legacy at TAMU-CC to be is be a positive role model for fraternity and Greek culture on the island’s campus showing that people involved in these organizations are respectable, productive, and positive members of society.”


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